A new decade is upon us now, and Samsung has kicked off the same taking a cue from its fiercest competitor, Apple. The company has announced today, lighter versions of its two existing flagships. The new phones are called the Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite and are targeted towards people seeking affordable flagships. Presumably, the two are toned down versions of the Note 10 and Galaxy S10 respectively.

We will soon a do a full length review, but lets get on with the basics for now.

While the phones may have been labeled ‘Lite’, there are a slew of original flagship features that will be carried on to the new ones (which makes this launch all the more confusing TBH). To start with, here is a broad list:

  • Display: Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note10 Lite offer edge-to-edge Infinity-O displays. With a 6.7-inch screen size, the display provides an expansive and immersive experience, a feature that was well appreciated ever since Samsung came up with such immersive displays.
  • Battery: The Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note10 Lite are packed with a large 4,500mAh battery and super-fast charging capabilities.
  • Services and Security: The Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note10 Lite come with Samsung’s ecosystem of apps and services, including Bixby, Samsung Pay and Samsung Health. As you would expect, these Galaxy Lite devices are also protected with defense-grade security platform Samsung Knox.

The launch seems to be an attempt by Samsung to give longevity to older gen flagships. With most companies launching a flagship every year, it has become increasingly difficult for these smartphone makers to create a longer sales cycle for older models. Add to that, the largely stagnated feature list and lack of any ground-breaking new addition to the smartphone line-up (except for foldables, maybe), smartphone makers have struggled to keep users excited.

The Galaxy S10 Lite is available in Prism White, Prism Black and Prism Blue while Galaxy Note10 Lite is available in Aura Glow, Aura Black and Aura Red. The Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note10 Lite will be on display at CES 2020, which takes place January 7-10, 2020.