Netflix has asserted it’s dominance as the leading streaming platform around the world time from time. The year 2019 wasn’t any different. Netflix has announced it’s figures for 2019 upto September 30, and for the first time, revealed specific international market figures. And Asia Pacific looks bright for the company. Netflix reported a revenue of a staggering $1 billion in the first 9 months from it’s Asia Pacific user base.

Netflix announced that it’s user base in the Asia Pacific grew to 14.48 million subscribers in 2019. The company has almost tripled it’s user base from 2017, when it had just 5.8 million subscribers in contrast.

Apart from India, the Asia Pacific region comprises of Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Singapore. Combined, Asia Pacific makes up for 60% of the world’s population.

Even though Asia Pacific is the biggest market when it comes to sheer number of people, it still remains the lowest revenue generators for the streaming platform. A scenario, which is usually the case with most foreign internet companies. Facebook, Twitter also report similar disparities when it comes to number of users and average revenue per user or ARPU.

EMEA still tops the figures, generating around $4 billion up till September 2019, as compared to the $2.87 billion from last year. The user base grew from 33.8 million to 47.4 million.

Latin America saw revenues of up to $2 billion, growing from the $1.67 billion from last year. The number of users also grew to 29.4 million in 2019 from 24.1 million in 2018.

Netflix generated an average of $9.31 per subscriber in the Asia Pacific region, as compared to $10.26 in the EMEA region and $12.36 in the United States for the nine months ended September 30, 2019.

Netflix is also planning to roll out cheaper plans like it did in India so these numbers can be expected to dip.

Netflix’s India Box Office

Netflix’s user base in India has been growing every year. Shows like Sacred games and Bard of Blood have become cultural phenomenons and Netflix is set to milk this cow for all it’s worth.

The streaming platform has also announced Rs.199 ‘mobile only’ plans to reach out to as much of the active internet user base as possible. The company is also funding more and more Netflix originals to appease the Indian audience.

All of this seems to be working as the streaming platform saw a growth of 700% in it’s revenues. Number grew from a measly Rs 5.1 crore in 2018 to Rs 466.7 crores in FY19.

Netflix is also planning to invest $420 million in India to compete with Disney+ and other competitors.