China is at it again. The almost dictatorial regime has announced a plan to eradicate foreign hardware and software devices from the country. This is the second time the government has decided to do something like this. Even though the first attempt failed because of it’s lenient nature, the rules will be much stricter this time around.

The orders came from the chinese government earlier this year. In a report from Financial Times, it was made public that the chinese government does not just look to replace American softwares, but the hardware they run on as well.

The US and China have been at each other’s throats from a long time now. Earlier this year, USA banned chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE which made the headlines. China, in it’s attempt to control the masses has kept apps like Facebook and Whatsapp out. The relationship between the two countries has went from a competition to a rivalry.

China’s plan to push out American influence over the country has a 3-5-2 approach. The government plans to replace 30% of the hardware and software that originates from America by next year. Then, another 50% by the year 2021 and the last 20% by 2022, making the country totally independent technologically.

The process is a lot more complicated than it sounds. The government does not just plan to replace American devices with Chinese, the plan is to have the whole device, including the parts being made in China. This means that Intel processors and Nvidia’s GPU won’t be available to make computers in China.

Companies have been preparing for this move from quite some time. But they are not ready as the quality of the products coming from China doesn’t measure up to the American counterparts. China is looking to establish itself in the world using AI technology but it’s soon to be lack of resources might hinder the task.

China is very serious in cutting back this time. The task was undertaken some years ago but with it’s relationship with USA deteriorating, the rules are much stricter this time. USA’s decision to push companies like Huawei out has forces Chinese government into a war. And if time’s any proof, China sure loves a good war.

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