Google today released stats, observing that its second most recent android version reached 22.6% adoption in August 2019. This means that over one-fifth of devices around the globe are running on Android Pie within one year of its launch.

Google releases a new Android version every year with new improvements and updates, however, it has not released the adoption rate of any of these versions before, including its latest Android 10. Interestingly, iOS 13 reached 50% adoption within one month.

The figures have rolled out just one hour prior to Android Dev Summit 2019 which begins today in Sunnyvale, California. With over 2.5 billion active Android mobiles, this figure is great importance to the mobile users all around trying to be picky about the operating system for their cell.

Though this figure is of great significance, Google has not released the complete and latest figures of the adoption. The previous update of the distribution dashboard came over 5 months ago when Google updated 10% adoption rate for Android Pie. Google blamed a technical glitch and lack of adoption data, and then stated that the update will be rolled out on a quarterly basis, but we only waited and this never happened.

It appears that the data will only be published when there is a good news on Google’s behalf. It won’t be shocking if the next adoption data is revealed when a newer version surpasses its predecessor.

Android Nougat was Google’s first attempt, when it started rolling out security updates on a monthly basis. With Android Pie, they introduced Project Treble, which eased the mobile phone’s operating system for new updates. Since Oreo was the next major launch since Pie, expectations were to speed up the updates even faster and Google gave its best at it.

Both Nougat and Oreo took 10 months to cross 10% adoption, however, Pie did this in about nine months.

In its latest Android 10, Google has introduced Project Mainline which utilizes Google Play to make important code changes in specific OS components.

Malchev said;

Project Mainline is to the core of the Android OS what Project Treble is to its foundation.

It would be interesting to see what level of adoption this new venture of Google fetches for Android 10. Certainly, the expectations are high.