The original whistleblower has now received the backing of a second whistleblower which has just emerged as per reports. The lead attorney representing a US intelligence official who came forward with the initial complain against President Trump says that their firm is now supporting the claim with multiple whistleblowers.
This Sunday Andrew Bakaj commented on ABC News that his firm has secured a second whistleblower with the details confirming Trumps ties with the Ukrainian government to dig up crippling information against the political rival and former Vice President Joe Biden.
Bakaj said on Twitter,
My firm and my team represent multiple whistle-blowers in connection to the underlying August 12, 2019, disclosure to the Intelligence Community Inspector General.
Mark Zaid, a second attorney with the firm, has also confirmed the information of the second whistleblower. ABC News reports have also confirmed that this second whistleblower has not yet been revealed to the committee investigating the impeachment into Trump.
House impeachment investigators have already cited White House for documents on the involvement of Trump and his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, in pressurizing Ukraine in providing damaging content against Biden.
Dating August 12th, the initial whistleblower was a generic complain with the inspector general which alleged Trump to be using his position in house to fetch foreign interferences in 2020 elections. This instigated an impeachment inquiry which is being led by House Democrats.
Trump and his house have denounced this claim since its emergence, but the White House has yet not provided anyone with a unified response. Administrative officials have refrained from giving any statement and the Republicans have been seen defending Trump in their interviews.