iPhone 6 Plus
This Friday, Apple Inc agreed that there is a faulty component in the iPhone 6S and 6S plus handsets which may prevent these sets from powering on. In what is certain to offer relief to afflicted users, the company has offered free repair for all devices.
Apple has made no comments on which component might be responsible for this, but has confirmed that the malfunction only exists in certain serial number range of the products which were manufactured between October 2018  to August 2019.
Though not much is known about the component, the users can visit Apple’s support page and enter their devices serial number in order to identify if they are eligible for the free repair program.
The 6S line of iPhone went on sale in September 2015 and was officially discontinued in September 2018. However, Apple continued manufacturing the 6S models for certain select markets, including India. Some of the said devices, ran into trouble when users found themselves unable to turn them on through the power button.