It is a long established fact, that mobile is the next big thing. And by mobile, it does not necessarily mean “smartphones” or your portable gadgets. By mobile, one means the very portability of possibly every tech that the world has to offer today. And a major chunk of that portability, is being brought about by mobile apps today.

True, apps are fading. App downloads have plateaued, people are fussed up about downloading and using multiple apps on their smartphone and the fad of having an app and building a company around it is almost gone. But MOX, the mobile only accelerator backed by the $650M SOSV fund, thinks otherwise.

“The first billion internet users accessed the Internet using their PCs, but the next four billion users — Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and South America — are mobile-only. Hundreds of millions of users are getting on the Internet with smartphones,” says William Bao Bean, Managing Director of MOX and General Partner of SOSV,

Hence, it has now released the list of startups that are graduating from its MOX accelerator. Let us have a look at the 7 Indian startups that have made the cut.

Whatscut Pro

Everyone wants their posts to get hundreds of likes but only a few can become influencers. Whatscut Pro turns any video into share-worthy content shot and edited on the go. With close to 1M downloads and 5M stories shared, we put the wow factor into videos for social media and messengers.


Vidyakul is an online learning platform connecting star educators with Indian students. Vidyakul bridges students and teachers across India in multiple vernacular languages at an affordable price. We deliver the best tutors to students over their smartphones.


Podd is a credit trust bureau for India enabling merchants to better understand their customers and consumers to carry their reputational score from one merchant to the next.


PlayTooMe enables anyone with friends to perform in their own concert – live and on stage! Choose a time, sell the tickets, and Playtoome does the rest: providing the venue, production, recording and live streaming. Anyone can be a star!


Everyone has a bucket list. Woovly is a community helping turn dreams into reality through content, sharing and recommendations from climbing Mount Everest to getting that tattoo.


Phable helps doctors improve patient treatment compliance by 70% with continuous patient monitoring via our machine learning-enabled IOT platform. We have signed the #2 hospital group in India and are growing 35% MoM.


Health and wellness influencers leverage the Zotezo platform to reach and engage their followers interested in curated health, beauty & fitness content, products and services.

MOX is operated by the VC firm SOSV with US$650M assets under management. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, SOSV – The Accelerator VC – operates six vertically focused accelerator programs: MOX for mobile internet (Taipei), IndieBio and RebelBio for biotech (San Francisco, London), HAX for hardware (Shenzhen, San Francisco), Chinaccelerator for internet and software (Shanghai), and Food-X for foodtech and agritech (NYC). SOSV invests in over 150 companies per year and over its two-decade history has a net realized IRR of over 30%, putting it in the top 5% performing of venture capital funds in the world.