In a bid to increase participation of women in STEM learning and employment, Microsoft has announced a new partnership with the Government of Indian state of Telangana. The Redmond-giant has partnered with the Government of Telangana’s Women Entrepreneurs Hub (WE Hub).

This partnership will focus on designing and execution of learning activities and tools that will enable women to innovate and encourage girls to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Together, they will also provide a platform for deeper and better networking opportunities for women in various technology fields.

Additionally, this partnership will provide WE Hub communities access to the state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure at Microsoft Garage. Microsoft has a significantly large presence in the capital city of Hyderabad, and hence the partnership makes even more sense.

Talking about the launch, Reena Dayal Yadava, who heads Microsoft’s Garage India initiative, said, “As our engagement with technology increases, we will require more talent with advanced skillsets that are very different from what exist now. Empowering women to actively be part of this transformation is integral to the skilling revolution taking root in India. With the right technology infrastructure, institutional support, exposure and training, we can help them shape and build the India of tomorrow,”

Under representation of women in STEM fields has been an ongoing challenge in India. With this initiative, Microsoft is aiming to help bridge that gap, as it will give women the opportunity to network and innovate alongside other women in STEM fields including transformational technologies like cloud and AI, empowering them to become an active part of the technology ecosystem in India.