If you’re in India, and missing all the epic action and heartfelt moments from Avengers: Endgame, then this news is just for you. The final installment of the Avengers series – Endgame – which was released back in April, is coming back in India this Friday, with some post-credit extra scenes! The Indian re-release will only be available in English.

But here comes the catch. Now even though Avengers endgame re-release is coming to india, it will be shown in only a select group of theaters in few of India’s metro cities. These include seven theaters in New Delhi, five in Bangalore, three in Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad, and one in Ahmedabad and one in Kolkata. Among the cinema chains that are going to premiere the re-release involve PVR Cinemas, Cinépolis, and INOX. So folks not residing here, you better get that plane ticket right away!

Endgame has already been released in the US last week but didn’t perform that well. As we know, Endgame was only $45 million away from snatching the position of world’s highest grossing movie from Avatar. With the US re-release, its total box-office collection went from $2.743 billion to $2.766 billion but is still some distance from Avatar’s $2.788 billion mark. The Indian re-release might diminish the million dollar gap, but whether Endgame will become highest grossing movie of all time is questionable.

After Disney India’s confirmation, BookMyShow COO Ashish Saksena told The Indian Express, “The film sold over 8.5 million tickets on BookMyShow, making it the most demanded Hollywood film here. With the movie set to re-release in cinemas, with additional post-credits footage this week, we are confident that the fandom will take over, yet again! Avengers: Endgame enthralled audiences in every frame with its heady mix of comedy, emotions and larger-than-life action sequences. Marvel lovers are sure to return to cinema halls to catch their favorite squad in action!”

The re-release reportedly features a deleted Hulk scene, a Stan Lee tribute and an opening scene from Far From Home. With Spider-Man: Far From Home already in theaters, Endgame will be a treat for the Marvel fans who seek to get a refresher for the events in Endgame before watching Far From Home.