Network services provider Cloudfare has reported a global outage through its status page saying “Cloudflare is observing network performance issues. Customers may be experiencing 502 errors while accessing sites on Cloudflare.”

So, if you’re computer screen is flashing a “502 Bad Gateway” error, you’re not alone. This outage has impacted numerous users around the world. Cloudfare updated the system status saying “Cloudflare has implemented a fix for this issue and is currently monitoring the results,” at 14:15 UTC.

Due to this outage, services like Discord, Udacity, DigitalOcean, Zendesk and Mapbox have been brought offline. That effectively means a lot of the internet has been down for some time.

After the outage, Cloudfare CEO and Co-founder, Matthew Prince tweeted, “Aware of major Cloudfare issues impacting us network wide. Team is working on getting to the bottom of what’s going on. Will continue to update.”

Cloudfare observed “a massive spike in CPU that caused primary and secondary systems to fall over.” While the root cause of this spike is unknown, the processes causing it have been shut down and services have been restored.

Update (14:57 UTC): Cloudfare posted on its status page that the issue has been resolved and services have resumed normal operation. So, yes, all the services are working normally again.