Microsoft has finally launched its productivity app “To-Do”, for the Mac App Store. It has been available for Windows, iOS, Android and the web users for quite some time now. The ‘To-Do’ app is a rebranded version of sorts of the popular Wunderlist app, that was acquired by Microsoft, close to half a decade back.

The company has now expanded the line-up, making it available for the Mac users as well. The free app was up for pre-order a week before to ensure automatic install of the app on your PC when it would go live.

The Mac version is no different in terms of design and features compared to versions on other platforms. It supports check lists, syncing between devices with the same Microsoft and list sharing. It is quite superior in terms of features. Microsoft also plans to sync the app with Microsoft outlook and Planner.

The app gets its own keyboard shortcuts exclusively customised for Mac users. For example, you get the ⌘2 to minimize the app so it only displays the list view, and ⌘1 to return to viewing all your lists. “Microsoft To-Do helpes you manage, prioritize, and complete the most important things you need to achieve every day, powered by Office 365 integration,” states the Microsoft To-Do website. The company says that the app has been developed entirely using Appkit.

The app will now compete with its fellow rival Wunderlist — which is owned by MS btw — holding the 21st spot in the productivity section on the Mac App Store. Microsoft’s ‘To-Do’ however, has seen a sudden increase in downloads and is way ahead of Wunderlist. It is currently sitting on the 11th spot in the same category as of today. Microsoft promised to not close down Wunderlist until they were confident enough that the To-Do app was matching up its acquired predecessor.

To-Do is now generally available to download on Mac via app store. It comes in at 12.8MB size and is compatible with macOS 10.13 or later.