Microsoft is looking to up the ante when it comes to gaming, and has hence teased us with a massive upgrade to the Xbox console. The upgrade, code-named ‘Project Scarlett’ is looking to deliver a 8K Xbox gaming console with frame rates of upto 120 fps.

While intricate details are yet to come out, there are still big specs that Microsoft’s Xbox team has shared. For starters, the new console will feature SSD storage in order to reduce overall load times. It will also go upto 120 on FPS scale and is expected to support 8K resolution.

There is also native 4k support at 60 FPS. Looks like the 8K, 120 FPS options could be a part of an upgraded version of the console. This tweet from the company has summed up all major details:

In terms of competition, Sony has already discussed plans of a next-gen PlayStation console which will also feature SSDs and is betting big on AMD’s Ryzen. The third-gen Ryzen CPUs will power PlayStation.

Xbox ‘Project Scarlett’ is expected to debut in Holiday 2020 season. It is expected that the new PlayStation will also debut around that same time.