Skype rolled out one of its popular feature – screen sharing – for its users on iOS and Android devices. Screen sharing feature was introduced for beta testers couple of months ago. The inclusion of this feature on its mobile app was announced today on the company’s official blog. The update adds improved features to enhance the mobile calling experience.

As has been the case on desktop, screen sharing on Skype will let user share the activity on their mobile screens in real-time. It would come handy for personal or professional uses, and could well be a boon for the services industry in particular. Whether its presentations on the go, watching a video together, teaching someone to use an application or a particular setting, screen sharing turns out to be an invaluable tool.

Skype has also made changes to its “…” menu. It now provides options like Add people, Start recording, Send a heart and Screen share in a single menu. The user can tab on ‘Screen share’ to start screen sharing. A banner at the top will then display an exact copy of your screen with the other users. This feature can be used when video calling more than one person.

The application now provides distraction free experience. By tapping once on the screen the options and menus hovering over the screen can be hidden. This way Skype provides a clutter free way where one-to-one conversations will be more seamless just like its desktop version. The new update also made the video preview of the caller larger. Especially on larger screened devices, the caller can now see themselves more clearly.

Another useful feature that has been introduced is the ability to switch between audio output devices. This feature is provided in upper left corner of the screen, just above the caller’s video preview. This makes one hand switching between speaker and audio device much more convenient for the user.

Skype’s screen sharing update will be available on Android and iOS devices on the latest Skype app.