There’s no explanation required. Head over to Google right away, and search the word “thanos”. Once search results appear, look at Thanos’ famed destruction gauntlet on the top right of the Google info card.

Click on the gauntlet and see what happens! Half of the results are wiped off the web instantly! And such is Google’s artistic mastery with these easter eggs, that the animation Google has used, resembles almost exactly the way half of the earth vanished into dust towards the end of Infinity war.

But wait, there’s more to it!

What you will also see, is the number of search results also coming down to half. At the time I was done playing with the easter egg for over an hour, there were about 9,20,00,000 search results. But as soon as the gauntlet snapped, results came down to about 4,60,00,000. Great eye for detail!

And then there is even more!

Click on the gauntlet again, and you will see the time stone in action. This will restore the web back to its normalcy. But really, is it that easy? Well, Avengers EndGame is out in theaters and you better watch it to find out.