Mozilla has officially launched Firefox Send to the public after it was revealed to be one of the company’s “test pilots”. The product is intended to be a large file-transfer service between browsers via a secured environment.

End-to-end encryption is designed into the service and allow users to transfer files securely. Added security measures were also introduced, giving the user added security. Users can set a file link to expire after a certain duration of time and can even set passwords. Users can upload files up to 1GB in size and files up to 5GB in size if you log in with your Mozilla Firefox account.

The system offers an alternative to email, by offering large file transfers and is less time consuming as compared to cloud storage sites like Google Drive and Dropbox. Data privacy has been a major issue in the tech industry, and Mozilla intend to satisfy their users with it’s security, while also being able to attract outside interest.

According to Mozilla, a beta version of a Firefox Send for Android will be available later this week.

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