The hugely anticipated foldable smartphone device from Samsung is finally here. And as already guessed earlier, the device has been named “Galaxy Fold”, which self-implies what the phone is. There’s a premium to such a piece of hardware though, as the phone’s base variant starts at $1,980.

To start with, oh boy the design is slick. Nothing similar to what was more of an assumed form factor during the device’s prototype launch. This one is all metal, has a 7.6 inch full touchscreen display when opened up.
When folded, the handset sports a much smaller 4.6 inch display that only takes up about 3/4ths of the front. Galaxy Fold packs two batteries on either side of the device. Together, the two batteries make up for a massive combine 4,380 mAh of battery power.

Want more ? Here’s more. The phone packs in a humongous 12 GB of RAM with a 512 GB storage option, putting it at par with even lower to mid-range ultrabooks.

Lets come to the most interesting bit of this device, the hinge. Dissecting the two displays is a solid customized hinge, designed and developed by Samsung of course. The company claims this hinge to be durable enough to withstand multiple open and close operations for the phone’s entire lifetime.

Coming to the price. While $1000 smartphones seemed expensive, the ‘Galaxy Fold’ will quash all of those bars, with the base model starting at $1,980. The device will be available starting April 26th in western markets.

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