Softbank has decided to invest in yet another newer technology frontier,as it leads a fresh $940 Million round into Nuro. The autonomous delivery bot project is engineered by Dave Fergusen and Jiajun Zhu.

The bot is designed to deliver groceries and run errands. All-in-all, Nuro aims to make human life much more easier than what it already is.

Nuro has raised more than $1 billion from various partners including Softbank, Greylock partners and Gaorong Capital. This amount has been set to be used for increasing employee count, expanding its delivery services and adding new partners as well as increasing the amount of autonomous bots they can produce.

Founder Dave Ferguson said in a statement, “We’ve spent the last two and a half years building an amazing team, launching our first unmanned service, working with incredible partners and creating technology to fundamentally improve our daily lives. This partnership gives us the opportunity to take the next step in realising our vision for local commerce and the broad application of our technology.”

The list capabilities that the bot possesses, starts with a self-driven unmanned vehicle which carries out the delivery of goods to nearby localities. The capacity of goods that the bot can fit amount to approximately 6 bags maximum. Nuro has also licensed its autonomous technology to Ike, an autonomous trucking startup.

This ever-growing addition of partners and business deals is the manifestation of Nuro’s desire to diversify their business

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