Well, the aggressively expanding and the aggressively innovative Chinese smartphone maker Huawei, has finally announced a date for the debut of its hugely anticipated foldable smartphone. Huawei head of mobile division, Richard Yu already has talked a lot about the phone. However, today is the day when the debut date has been announced.

There is nothing more to announcement though, except the date. Huawei, with this launch, will join a race in which its primary competition lies with Samsung. The Korean smartphone maker will make a debut of its own foldable device at an unpacked event, hardly a few days before MWC kicks in.

There are others in the race too, but none seem to have gotten as close to an actual launch, as Huawei and Samsung. If you’d remember, Xiaomi too has offered a foldable device, though it is still really only a concept with no concrete developments to report so far. People are, strangely enough, also anticipating the return of the Motorola Razr. Well, if not really into cutting-edge tech, the Razr will be yet another moment of nostalgia for us phone lovers of older generation.

Google on its end has been kept busy by these announcements and confirmed launched. The company needs to really tweak up Android to a whole new level for a broad range of newer foldable form factors, while hardware companies still continue to experiment and decisively find the best design.

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