Almost all of us love betting or gambling. If not really like an addict, all of us do like that one or two dose of adrenaline rush that you get while betting or gambling, be it by actually being at a casino or online. But then, are there really any safe option online that let you bet and gamble without putting you at financial risk ? Or even if there are, are these apps or website, that claim to be safe, really safe ? These are some of the questions that pop into the mind right away when we think about betting online with these apps.

To quash those fears of yours and to provide you with options that are safe to go for, this is a special piece form our end, that talks about safety while gambling or betting online. While we have tried to keep it more of a global perspective, this piece from our UK team focuses more towards the UK audience. So without further ado, let us look at some of the tips to stay safe online while betting.

Perhaps the most important but yet the most ignored tip is staying aware of the laws prevailing in the country. It is quintessentially important to know the laws of the land, so that you know whom to approach to in case someone misleads you or cheats you online while betting. National laws also help you in getting back your lost money, in case you fall prey to cyber fraud during betting.  A good example of such laws and guidelines are the ones from the UK Gambling Commission. In fact, to make betting and gambling safer, the commission is working on a new national strategy to reduce gambling harms. The Gambling Commission is also conducting a formal consultation under Section 24 of the Gambling Act 2005 on proposed amendments to the LCCP requirement on gambling businesses to contribute to research, prevention and treatment, and associated arrangements needed to deliver the strategy.

An amendment to LCCP is proposed to specify that licensees’ contributions under this provision are made to one or more organisations that are approved by the Commission. This is intended to give clarity to gambling businesses on how they can ensure they are compliant.

The easiest way in which online hackers target users signing up for online betting, is by tricking them into filling sensitive financial information, out in the open. As a user, make sure that you are aware of what is being asked from you. The first check in such cases has to be the security of a website. Ensure that the website where you are filling has an HTTPS appended to its address. Also, ensure that you are not being redirected too many times by a particular site. This could mean that someone is trying to steal information that you enter. Also, avoid signing up using your social media handles, since sites might trick you into accepting terms and conditions that allow usage of your private information from your social media accounts.

It is a common mistake that we do, and then later realise the blunder that we have committed. It is extremely important to understand privacy policy and terms of whichever casino or online betting platform you are using. Your details –user name and password – should not be freely available to anyone working at the casino, or, come to that,members of the public. Consider these details as important as those of your bank account. Anyone with access to such sensitive information, can hack into your account and do miscellaneous stuff which might land you in trouble, For example, what if you foolishly hand over your details to someone, who then commits an illegal activity using your account ? You land up in legal trouble for such a small error of judgement.

For a handful people, betting or gambling can sometimes become a habit. Now while there are many who are successfully able to make sure that their habit remains under control, but for a few of  the others, this might get out of hand. Hence, it is extremely important to know about a few tools, that can prevent you from getting into a habit of betting. For example, you can use a feature called ‘Time Out’. This feature allows you to block yourself from playing for a set amount of time. According to laws set up by the UK Gambling Commission, all online gambling companies must offer this facility for the following periods: 1) 24 hours; 2) one week; 3) one month and 4) any period that a customer might reasonably request up to a maximum of six weeks. There are other similar tools which you can go online and use.

Coming to the end of it, Gambling or betting is a definite leisure activity that a lot of us enjoy to get into. And while it is obviously must to have some fun, it is also important to make sure that the fun happens in a safe and controlled environment. Hoping that this article from us helped you in becoming safer while betting or gambling online.

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