Seattle-based Pulumi is announcing a $15 million Series A funding round led forth by Madrona Venture Group. Palumi has entered the market with the idea of easing cloud infrastructure management by writing codes in the language which you are already aware of.

Tola Capital was among one of the participants of the round, and now Tola’s managing director Sheila Gulati will be a member of the Pulumi Board of Directors, where she will share the table with former Microsoft executive and Madrona managing director S. Somasegar.

While speaking with TechChruch, Pulumi co-founder and CEO Eric Rudder said:

Since launch, we’ve had a lot of inbound interest, both on the community side — so you’re seeing a lot of open source contributions, and they’re really impactful contributions, including, for example, community-led support for VMware and OpenStack. So we’re actually seeing a lot of vibrancy in the open-source community. And at the same time, we have a lot of inbound interest on the commercial side of things. That is, teams wanting to operationalize Pulumi and put it into production and wanting to purchase the product.

On the question of why is Tola investing in Pulumi, Gulati said:

We’re all seeing the same things — the cloud is a foregone conclusion. Enterprises have a lot of complexity as they come over the cloud. And so dealing with VMs,containers and serverless is a reality for these enterprises. And the ability to dothat in a way that there’s a single toolset, letting developers use realprogramming languages, letting them exist where they have skills today, but thenallows them to bring the best of cloud into their organization. Frankly, Pulumi really has thought through the existing complexity, the developer reality,the IT and develop a relationship from both a runtime and deployment perspective. And they are the best that we’ve seen.

Pulumi will continue with developing its open source tools, and in addition, they would even indulge in heavy investments in order to build a community around these tools. The team has confirmed that this funding has motivated them to double their efforts.

This funding will also facilitate the company to to make the on-boarding process much easier, till the extent that the process becomes feasible for anyone to work with it. However, they will continue to invest in pre- and post-sales organization.

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