Lockheed Martin has reportedly purchased significant stakes in U.S. nanosatellite company Terran Orbital. The investment comes even as corporations with interests in the space industry, are quickly gobbling up startups with the technology that can boost their efforts.

Interestingly, Lockheed’s stakes in Terran come in exchange for cash and in-kind services. I assume that Lockheed has given Terran a particular figure as to the value of services it can avail. The two companies have already worked in the past on contracts associated with the Department of Defense as well as NASA. As such, they have an inherent understanding of each other’s functions and capabilities.

A per Lockheed, the move will:

address our customers’ increasing interest in rapid, responsive and cost-effective technology missions and demonstration

The interest of bigwigs like Boeing in the nanosatellite industry is a story all of its own. Nanosatellites really caught up the interest of startups and other companies because they are a cost effective way of providing new players with stepping stones into the rapidly burgeoning industry.

In fact, they have given birth to various startups and now, the major players, the bigwigs are exhibiting interest in the cost cuts effected by sending these little satellites into space. Indeed Boeing is already reconfiguring its satellite business to focus more on nanosat construction. As to where its attempts lead, is something only time will tell.

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