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With the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft has today released another preview build, numbered 16226, for the users participating in the Fast Ring. And this is a noticeable update because it brings along several improvements spanning over features such as Edge browser, OneDrive, keyboard, handwriting, gaming, shell, security, as well as mixed reality. This is one of the more substantial preview builds, which packs within multiple improvements.

Starting off, Microsoft Edge brings along a cohort of improvements focused on further elevating the user experience. The same is being done through an improvement in how you close tabs, meaning the ‘X’ button will always be available for you to manage the tabs. It will be accessible always, even when a JavaScript dialog is showing atop the screen. It has now also simplified the process you follow to migrate from other browsers, using Edge as the primary browser.

If you’re unaware, you can read EPUB books within Edge and the said feature is bagging some nifty feature updates. You now have the option to highlight text within the e-book and inquire Cortana about the topic. This has been topped off with an upgraded note feature, which enables you to write in ink and see them simply by hovering over highlighted text. Some favorites bar improvements have also been brought along.

Earlier last week, Microsoft made one of the prominent features — OneDrive Files On-Demand — of the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update available to the Insiders. It was one of the highly requested features and enable you to easily fetch documents from the cloud. Redmond is making the feature more transparent and active by showing you a pop-up notification, which tells you that a certain app is downloading or requesting to download a file from your OneDrive.

The touch keyboard, also debuted in the previous build, brings some of the best features of Swift Key to Windows 10 PCs. The swipe feature for the same has been renamed to ‘shape writing’ for the desktop variant and the same is being expanded to new languages. A list of all supported languages, which would need to be downloaded individually, can be found right here.

It also brings along text prediction for all these languages, some language-specific typing and flick updates. Microsoft is also making it easy for Windows 10 users to paste content, using the clipboard icon in the touch keyboard candidate pane. Tapping the same will paste its content in the active text box.

While these are the major updates being debuted in this preview build but several minor improvements have also been added to the update. We’ll just highlight the major upgrades instead of talking about them in detail — Microsoft has made it easier to enable the Windows Sonic spatial sound feature when headphones are plugged in, added new ‘Xbox Networking’ option in the settings menu, updated shell to adopt the new Fluent design, The People section bags an update to clearly demarcate the pinned contacts, and the calculator now also includes a currency converter as well.

And if you’re an emoji enthusiast, then this Windows 10 preview build also packs support for latest Unicode update 5.0, which will bring along new snacks, actions, dinosaurs and even fantasy characters like genies, fairies and zombies. Microsoft has also updated the Emoji picker to make it easier for you to access the profession emoji, as well as all the diverse genders. It now also has a search option and a dark theme.

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