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Google Glass receives its first ever update since 2014, could a revival be on the cards?

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It seems like Google’s vaunted Glass project isn’t quite dead yet. The company has released a brand new update for the platform –marking the first time in almost 3 years that an update was released and of course, taking everyone by surprise. While the update isn’t particularly huge or anything, it does confirm the fact that the Google Glass is still a product.

Among the stuff that has been added, are bluetooth input device support. Now bluetooth input device support implies keyboard and mouse, although why and how, would someone use Google Glasses with one of these devices is beyond me. Perhaps they could be used to customize the glass and input instructions in case the voice interface doesn’t work.

Judging by what has been happening and the amount o activity that has been taking lace with regards to this particular project, it is hard to say what’s gonna happen. Most likely, the Glass project really is dead and this was just a faux pass on someones part. Or if we are very, very lucky, this could well be signs experimentation towards a new iteration from Google.

Well, we are reaching out to Google for comment and will update this story if we hear something concrete. Stay Tuned!

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