iOS 10

Apple’s Memories feature is unexpectedly good. Many a time I have caught myself with tears in my eyes and a sigh on my lips, right after watching a video created using Memories. Okay, just kidding. But the feature is pretty neat regardless.

In case you are unaware of it, Memories in an iOS 10 feature which automatically scans your pictures and  creates smart albums depending on the date, location and content of the said pictures. It then puts in a relevant and appropriate music tack to create a short film of sorts.

So for instance, if you were holidaying in Baha last month, it is very likely to pick out those pictures an automatically add in a music track to create a video of your trip. Cool, right? However, many people still don’t know about the feature and how fun it is to play with. It is to cater to them that Apple has released a brand new advertisement.

Interestingly, Google Photos also ha a very similar feature however, there are some key differences here. For instance, Google’s system does all this video creation and stuff on the Clouds. So while the video quality may be better (in terms of content as better AI are store on the clouds than hat a phone an muster) you will be sending your data to the clouds — a potential risk, however slight.

In Apple’s case however, enerythign will take place on the device and indeed, the iPhone starts categorizing pictures at night and when it is plugged in and charging. Rather thoughtful, wouldn’t you agree?

Check the ad out. Like all Apple ads of late, it focuses on a particular iPhone feature and, is pretty good:


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