A couple days ago, Twitter debuted a completely new and updated design aesthetic for its platform. The redesign has been aimed at making the platform intuitive and simpler to interact for newcomers. But, the rounded icons, profile picture, and almost everything has made several power users vent out their frustrations with the departure of the square design online.

This reaction, however, wasn’t unexpected. When a minimal change to a product can drive the user base to question the integrity of the company, a massive and sudden change like this drive them over the edge. While some have already started to adapt to the new design aesthetics, some are still grumbling about the changes — which includes an updated typography.

But, we have found the perfect solution for grumpy users, who’re totally unsatisfied with the new design. With the newly released Chrome extension, called Twitter Debubbler, you can regain access to the previous design. This means all your squares, with some rounded edges, will make a return when the said extension is activated.

Featured on the front page of Product Hunt, bagging votes because of the necessity of the hour, Twitter Debubbler has been created by Kai Brueckers, who’s a designer and front-end developer at InVision. While he wasn’t annoyed with the new redesign, he felt the collective anxiety of the user base and decided to launch this extension to roll back the design upgrades. It emulates Twitter’s older design, i.e, how the platform looked before the design change.

You can either search for the extension on the Chrome Web Store or download the same from Product Hunt. All your square-based design cravings will be fulfilled the instant you install and activate the same. Even your profile picture, which is now circular, would be returned to the older rounded-square design. So, if you can’t bear to stand the change then download the extension and continue to live a lie.

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