The Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) has introduced an online portal called IM Silver in the on-going Silver I.T. fest today (June 10).

IM Silver is a repository of online learning resources specially curated for seniors who are keen on learning IT and for those who want to be kept updated on upcoming Silver Infocomm Initiative events for seniors. It will assist the senior citizens to learn and take advantage of mobile and digital technologies. The platform will offer them an access to online guides, electronic books, videos, and seminars.

The move was announced by Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim at the opening ceremony of this year’s Silver IT Fest on Saturday. Dr. Yaacob was quoted saying,

Our vision for a digital society has the potential to transform Singapore and improve our lives. However, understanding technology can seem not only intimidating but also costly.

Digital readiness is a national effort and we will all need to do more to ensure that our seniors are able to reap the benefits and add meaning to their lives.

Few seniors, named as Silver Infocomm Wellness Ambassadors (SIWAs), will play the role of technology and digital mentors to their peers. They will receive structured technical and soft skills training from IMDA and the People’s Association Active Ageing Council (PA AAC) to help them better spread tech know-how as to peers in the community. Reportedly, 29 SIWAs have come forward to volunteer for this project. Apart from this, IMDA has collaborated with the PA AAC to motivate peer learning through a new Tech Silver Project.

Silver IT Fest is a series of events that is annually organised by IMDA to encourage seniors to adopt a digital lifestyle and enjoy the benefits that IT can bring. This year it is being conducted today and tomorrow (June 10-11).


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