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We’re just hours away from when Apple’s annual developer extravaganza, known as the Worldwide Developer Conference, kicks off at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. But, Cupertino seems to have let a significant piece of information about its next iteration of the iOS operating system, iOS 11 through the App Store. The said app will be a sweet surprise for die-hard Apple enthusiasts.

Initially spotted by developer Steven Troughton-Smith, he tweeted out that an app placeholder for a new ‘Files’ application that has made a sudden appearance on the App Store. This means iOS users will finally be getting an expanded file management system for their mobile devices after around ten years. It is expected to be announced as a default app on iOS 11 later in the day but this will be widely made available through the App Store if someone deletes the same — probably by mistake!

The amount of info related to this file management app is presently quite scant as only the app placeholder has been made available online — and the listing hasn’t been pulled down by Apple as of yet. The ‘Files app for iOS’ is live on the App Store, which mentions that it has been developed by ‘Apple Inc.’ and supported only on iOS 11 or later. The official app bundle ID for the Files iOS app has been found to be —

In addition, Steven further tweets that the app only supports 64-bit devices, which further reiterated the point that Apple may be looking to eliminate support for 32-bit apps from iOS 11. Earlier in the day, we’ve received hints that Cupertino is planning to kill support for 32-bit apps from the App Store when such apps were banned from the same for a stretch of 10-12 hours.

Talking about the standalone file management system, iOS users (especially Apple fanboys) have been requesting Apple to debut such a ‘Files’ app for years. There is presently no info on how powerful the said application will be, what all formats it will support but it will definitely be a notable change over having nothing to manage your personal documents on the iPhone or iPad.

Though Apple has previously argued that iOS doesn’t need a file management system but has accepted the truth with the debut of iCloud Drive earlier last year. It doesn’t offer you full control over your documents but the Files app will be a definite change over the non-existence of such an app until date.

Img Source: Flickr/Microsiervos

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