Echo Look is an Alexa-powered camera speaker that was created to allow you to take your own fashion photos and videos. All you have to do is ask the Look to take a snapshot of you, and you no longer have to take selfies in front of full length mirrors. The device has a depth sensing camera that blurs backgrounds so you pop in the picture.

Additionally, the Echo Look’s Style Check service combines Artificial Intelligence algorithms with specialists’ advice to give you a second opinion on your outfit. When you’re not using the device to decide your morning outfit, the Look functions like Amazon’s other widely popular Echo speakers.

To further ease the use of this new Echo device, Amazon has today debuted the companion app on Android. It allows users to see on their phones the different pictures and videos taken by the device. The device itself also allows you to save your favourite outfits and styles.

Although the Echo Look has been viewed as something niche, it has proved to come in use to more people than just those who lack a sense of style or want to nail the perfect outfit. The extra mechanical eye and machine learning technology also helps those with visual impairments or colour blindness with their outfit selection.

The Echo Look app now interfaces with the device to provide a cohort of services. Firstly, it can help you set up your Look device to the WiFi. Once this is done, it will not only show you your pictures of previous outfits, but will also show you live previews before you click a new snap. Additionally, it serves as visual feedback for the outfits Style Check results. This essentially means that an automated system rates two outfits on a number of metrics and based on this, picks the most stylish and well-suited outfit.

The Echo Look device is built in with off buttons for the camera and microphone, erasing doubts about privacy in the minds of users. With the new app, users are only going to be more excited to not only shop but also dress up according to the latest styles with just a little help from their Echo Looks!

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