A slew of industry heavyweights have decided to augment the ranks of the Partnership on AI. New joiners to the group, which includes companies and non-profits, include names like ntel, Salesforce, eBay, Sony, SAP, McKinsey & Company, Zalando and Cogitai.

The group also announced a slew of non-profit partners including the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the AI Forum of New Zealand, the Centre for Democracy & Technology, the Centre for Internet and Society (India), Data & Society Research Institute, the Digital Asia Hub, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Future of Humanity Institute, the Future of Privacy Forum, the Human Rights Watch, the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, UNICEF, Upturn, and the XPRIZE Foundation.

The new members are a late addition to a group which already consists of many of their industry peers including  Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Apple. The companies will be sharing the platform with several non-profit organizations and the overall aim will be promoting best practices while using AI and discussing the benefits and the dangers associated with the same. Considering the rapid race at which AI is encroaching in our daily lives, this is a highly relevant platform.

The platform will also be hosting a whole bunch of AI Grand Challenges with the aim of providing financial and motivational incentives to researchers working with AI. The group will also be working with researchers who are studying the effects of AI on the human social structure. A best paper award for the greatest contribution to “AI, People, and Society,” has already been announced and is open.

The group will also be working on establishing a series of groups that are topic or sector specific. These groups will be working to generate best practices for various niches. The aim here is to build a community that can deal and even forestall the problem which may arise as Artificial Intelligence is inducted into our society at a deeper level.

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