Google’s artificial intelligence software, which is already a part of Android phones, smart speakers and watches, is now ready to move inside at least three more places, which are iPhones, coffee tables and kitchens. The plan of moving the artificial technology software at these new destinations could be made public by Alphabet Inc. later this week at Google I/O conference.

As per an inside report, the tech behemoth is all set to push forward a version of its  AI-powered assistant for Apple’s popular smartphone series, iPhone, as soon as this Wednesday.

Google’s voice-based assistant which was introduced at last year’s I/O is about to compete with Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, which all doing pretty good in the market. Assistant will be available as a free and standalone app on Apple’s App store and could be downloaded for the iPhone from there. It will initially be rolling out only in the U.S., however Google is planning to unveil it in other parts of the world as well.

Just like the Assistant functions for Google’s very own Pixel smartphones, its iPhone version too will seek voice commands from the user; the major difference would be that this time it will not be pre installed which may act as a hurdle in its adoption. However, the best part is that the Assistant app will integrate with other Google apps on the iPhone, and will play a YouTube video if the user asks it to do so.

This week, the Assistant will also appear in other new products as well. As per the reports, the company’s popular Photos app will feature a new update for creating physical coffee table photo books. Lat year, Google upgraded its AI support for Photos, so that it could automatically create an album by collecting relevant and related images.

Users will have the benefit of ordering physical, printed books of pictures from the Photos app directly to their residence. The insider said that Google is working on offering numerous types of  book materials for the service, where one option would cost $10 per book. In the past Apple too launched a similar feature  for its iPhoto application on Mac computers, however, it was discontinued about an year ago. But the feature could still be availed at Apple’s newer  Photos app.

Google has also tied up  with GE and is planning to integrate its assistant into its home appliances, such as ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. Which means, now you may directly be updated about the number of utensils that still need to be cleaned, or instruct the oven to preheat at a particular temperature via Assistant.

News website Android Police has previously reported that Google’s Assistant will be rolling out for the iPhone, however, no comment was made on the matter by Google.

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