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While we have always blamed Instagram for being a copy Snapchat, the time has finally arrived when the latter copies some features of the former in order to remain ahead of its rival. Today, Snapchat has rolled out an array of new creative tools, many of which appear to be inspired from Instagram, including the removal of 10 second time limit for viewing photos that disappear once closed.

Snapchat has also introduced a couple of other interesting features including one that allows the user to erase erase real-world objects from their photos. Apart from allowing users to erase stuff that they don’t want into the frame, this also indicates its proficiency in the visual communication format.

Here is an overview of all the creative features launched by Snapchat:

Limitless Snaps- Though the Snaps would disappear once closed, it is now possible to make the Snap available in front of the users for as long as they are willing to see them, by selecting the infinity icon in the Snap photo timer. This is helpful on occasions where crucial information, like address, is being shared via a Snap. Insagram has already permitted infinite viewing of ephemeral Stories and Direct Messages.

Looping Videos- The loop icon available on the right hand side of the Snap composer allows you to make your videos loop again and again, which is particularly great for small videos designed for highlighting a particular stuff. This feature offers direct competition to  Instagram’s Boomerang.

Draw with Emoji- Now emojis can be used as a drawing brush to create artwork. Just select this creative tool from the right hand side, and instead of the pen’s tip, you would witness a trail of the selected emoji. So, from now on, there is no need of sticking emoji one after the other to create an image. Instagram has previously worked on something like this in the December with its Candy Cane holiday brush, however it only offers traditional marker, highlighter and neon brushes. Now though, create all sorts of images through Emojis.

Magic Eraser- It is now possible to remove or erase selected objects from your Snaps, by blurring the surroundings to cover the empty spot. By simply selecting the Magic Eraser icon, and then painting it over the object to be removed will “Photoshop” that part automatically.

Now the question is whether these tools will help in further popularizing the service or not. Surveys have concluded that the users of Snap have remained loyal to the service despite the launch of Instagram Stories.

However, if Instagram continues to mimic the key features of Snap, it may the latter’s growth prospects. Snap is obligated to rely on their innovative side in order to continue presenting new and attractive features to its users so that new people keep coming to the platform while the old ones remain attached with the platform. Snap’s announcement said as much:

These changes allow us to continue evolving the Snapchat service and provide a foundation for introducing even more creative tools for making fun Snaps! We hope you enjoy it!

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