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Google Maps is already one of the most robust mapping apps available in the market, even iOS users will have to agree on that. But, it is today officially adding a nifty (and significant) feature, which was spotted earlier last month, to eliminate all your parking troubles. You are now being handed down the capability to remember where you parked your vehicle, once you’ve reached the destination.

Now, you’ll be required to conduct a handful of steps to save the parking location. On Android, open the Google Maps app and tap the blue dot once you’ve parked your vehicle. Now, you’ll be greeted with the “Save your parking” option that allows you to place a pin on the map to mark the current location.

Post this step, a green dot with the letter ‘P’ will appear on-screen. This label can now be tapped to access additional options through a parking card. This can be used to fine-tune the location by dragging the pin, add parking notes and phots to further ease the process of remembering the parking spot. And finally, you can save how much time was left on your parking meter. Google Maps also has the powers to remind you of the time remaning after every 15 minutes. Awesome, ain’t it?

The manual parking location feature is restricted not only to Android but is also being extended to iOS users of the application. The iOS users were already being extended an automatic parking detection feature, which noted the location of the vehicle once the iOS device (most likely, an iPhone) was disconnected from Bluetooth, USB or CarPlay. But, you now also have the option to open Maps and tap on the ‘Set as parking location’ to add your parking spot to the map.

To gain access to this new parking reminder feature, both Android and iOS users will be required to update Google Maps to the latest version. Though not a massively huge addition, it is surely a nifty addition to the carousel of features already available inside this map application. Adding a new parking location clear the previous one, if you had that queary at the back of your mind. You can also clear the save info by going to the label.

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