Apple, Clips

Apple recently entered the social media market with its own, Clips application. With a novel concept that involves social video editing along with Apple’s backing, Clips had a pretty good start. Apparently, the app is maintaining its momentum and has already managed to reach somewhere between 500 thousand and a million downloads.

The data comes from App Annie which also said that the app managed to climb to the 28th spot on the App Store on the day succeeding its debut on Thursday. While the application hasn’t yet managed to enter the ranks of the top 20 apps on the app store and 28th remains its top ranks so far, it has been garnering downloads and has been downloaded somewhere between 500,000 and 1 million times.

With that said though, Clips has started slipping in the US app store rankings. As per App Annie,  the app started dropping in rankings right over the weekend after its launch on Thursday. By Saturday, it was No. 39 in the U.S. This trend continued and Clips is somewhere in the neighborhood of 53 in the app store. To be fair, the app could be doing well elsewhere — since it is available globally — however, the U.S. with its hordes of iPhone users is the chief market for the app and its performance here is likely to conform to the rest of the world as well.

With regards to usage, the US hosts almost 25 percent while China,, Japan, Russia and Hong Kong rounding out the top five users.

Speaking about Clips, Danielle Levitas, Senior Vice President, Research & Professional Services at App Annie said:

The average user is not yet aware of it. They’ll start to become more aware of it through that network effect as people share these clips in Facebook, in Instagram, in WeChat.

Meanwhile, Apple didn’t exactly leave any stone unturned in ensuring that its app received a good coverage. If it’s performance is still dismal, maybe it is time for some introspection.

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