Adobe has an inclination over presenting the demo of the technologies it is developing, but are premature to be launched publicly. The latest one in the segment is a selfie app which the Adobe Research team has revealed on  its YouTube channel today.

The iOS app, which has not been named yet, utilizes a number of  machine learning smarts which Adobe has developed in the past few years to enrich the selfie or mobile portrait, as Adobe prefers.

Adobe has already showcased some of the features available in the app, like the ability to modify 2D selfies into 3D models, to some extent. The app also has the liquify filter which blurs the lines or give an appearance as if the pic was taken from a different distance. The app also lets you enjoy the feel of an expensive DSLR by automatically blurring the background to present the depth-of-field blur in a normal picture.

The most noteworthy feature is the ability of the app to look  for the images that imitate look and feel of what one is doing with his selfie, and then the tools present in the app will  automatically try to apply that look to your “mobile portrait.” In the world of machine learning, this is termed as “style transfer.”

What is interesting is that these demos are nothing new for Adobe’s desktop using fans, however, this is for the very first time Adobe has shown that they could be used together using a single mobile app.

There is no clear picture as to when this app will be ready for a public launch. If we look at the demo, it is observed that the product is ready for a release, but, that is what demos are for right? But one thing is certain that this video draws our attention towards Adobe’s Sensei AI Platform.

The company’s official message regarding the plans is as follows;

Sneaking glimpses of new technology is something we do from time to time to showcase the amazing innovation that Adobe engineers come up with. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on future developments of Creative Cloud products as they’re available.

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