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Microsoft has been talking about introducing mixed reality to its platforms since the past few months. The creator’s update we have been hearing about since last year is expected to give mixed reality a position of prominence within the Microsoft ecosystem. The company has now announced a date for when we can expect the highly anticipated update to roll out.

Speaking with UploadVR, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be rolling out the latest version of its Windows 10 platform come April 11. The company also said that the update will include support for mixed reality and will be free for all users. This point is certainly interesting but the mixed reality support we are talking about here is mostly moot from a consumer perspective until Acer and other partner manufacturers start launching devices (such as headsets) that actually support the technology.

However, this support will prove to be very beneficial to developers and programmers who are looking to start creating consumable content and other applications for the devices — including Acer’s headsets which are coming in the holidays — manufacturer’s are going to be introducing with an eye towards capitalizing upon the Windows OS’s newfound capabilities.

The update also has a slew of other features that could blend well with Microsoft;s goal of powering a truly mixed reality based ecosystem. With paint 3D for instance, Microsoft is bringing in 3-dimensional content creation to the table. Meanwhile, users will still be able to use existing headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive by way of apps created for the Windows 10 platform, however, none of these manufacturers have announced plans for a direct integration with the Windows operating system.

Speaking of other devices, Microsoft’s own Project Scorpio is also slated to gain support for mixed reality content by 2018. That has the potential to take gaming to the next level and enable the highly advanced Xbox iteration to better compete against offerings from to other companies, such as Sony’s PlayStation.

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