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Twitter is making every possible attempt to make itself more expressive. In that attempt, the social networking giant is rolling out another great update today, through which you will be able to use all of its 140 characters for replying.

So yes, from now on, usernames (@xyz) will not be counted as a part of the message while you are replying to a group or an individual and have the advantage of using all those 140 characters limit for expressing yourself. The announcement for the same was made long back, but its rolling out today.

This change will have a positive impact in many ways. Firstly, with this update, the username of the people or peoples you are replying to will now appear above the tweet, rather than being a part of the tweet providing the users with some extra characters to frame a more expressive response.

Secondly, you may now be selective about who is reading your replies in a conversation. By making a simple tap on “Replying to…” you may join any conversation and also control the audience of your reply in that conversation.

We know it is quite irritating to see a lot of usernames coming on our screen every time we try to go through a conversation. Now, with this new update, you will actually be able to see what those people are saying rather than simply glancing over their usernames.

In a blog post, Twitter says;

It’s now easier to follow a conversation, so you can focus on what a discussion is about, and who is having it. Also, with all 140 characters for your replies, you have more room to participate in group conversations.

Twitter has previously made some changes last year, after which  photos, videos, GIFs, polls, and Quote Tweets were no longer a part of those 140 characters. And now, when the username too is freed from being a part of the tweet, Twitter will certainly become more eloquent and meaningful.

In the end, Twitter has confirmed that though this update is one of the finest one this year, their work of making Twitter a better and easier platform is not done and they will continue to work ahead in this direction.


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