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Well, who knew Bengali was the sixth most spoken language in the world and that Google would recognize this achievement by adding support for the same to the inherently large Knowledge Graph and search suggestions. It is also the most common language spoken in India and follows pursuit to the obvious choices  — English and Hindi. It is spoken by about 200 million individuals and Google search experience has been upgraded to surface significant info instantly.

The addition of Bengali to the Knowledge Graph simply means that you’ll no longer have to sift through the millions of search results to find that perfect answer. The information you search will be made available to you more quickly and in your native language, that’s for sure. The results will further be accompanied with spell correction for Bengali, which will provide you with suggestions whenever you make a typo while searching.

In the official blog post, it has been described with the help of an example as under:

So next time when you’re searching for cricket legend Sourav Ganguly in Bengali, we’ll show you things, not strings – and you’ll instantly get information that’s relevant to your query such as Sourav’s date of birth, his number as an active cricket player, or links to his profile on social media.

The Knowledge Graph, for those unaware, is a massive repository information that surfaces important tidbits of what you’ve searched in the form of cards — on the right on the desktop and before regular search results on mobile devices. It enables you to search for the things Google is well aware of, such as landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams, geographical features, movies, works of art, celestial objects, and more. It maps out close to 1 billion real-world things to understand how they’re connected. It even stores 70 billion facts about them.

In the official blog post, Google said that the knowledge graph is currently available in 41 languages and Bengali is a significant addition to the list. This will provide locals with improved search results and spellcheck features that’ll get better and faster based on the search results. Bengali speakers will start receiving more precise search results over a period of regular use. This language is the second one to be supported from India, which shows the company’s intense focus on the region.

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