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Samsung delayed the launch of its next flagship device ‘Galaxy S8’ for a good few more weeks following MWC, only to unveil a device fulfilling all consumer needs. The Korean giant is expected to release two variants of the Galaxy S8 — one with a 5.7-inch screen and other with a huge 6.2-inch screen to compensate for the Note 7. And now we know that the massive screens offered by Samsung are reportedly being called ‘Infinity Display’, thanks to a new trademark filing.

The documentation reveals that Samsung will channelize this new marketing term to describe its big bezel-free smartphone displays. Moreover, the USPTO listing confirms that the trademark will mostly cover mobile devices and will bear no link with any tablets and other electronics device. However, the Korean giant may switch its usage on other Samsung products as well, such as TVs that feature similar display characteristics.

Besides a fresh marketing term for the display, Samsung decided to remove its signature home button in favour of a minimal top and bottom bezels. The Galaxy S8 will rely on software-based navigation buttons, which have also leaked earlier. The top bezel can be seen hosting a collection of sensors as well as the front camera. One of these will be the rumored iris scanner, which is expected to make an appearance in the handset.

It seems as if the Korean giant chose an exclusive term for the display following the lead of its counterpart LG. LG recently unveiled its latest device G6 featuring an 18:9 screen ratio was introduced as ‘Full Vision’ display. Moreover, iPhone 8 landing later this year is also expected to have a large display that will cover most part of the phone’s front side.

Previously, Samsung Galaxy devices sported the syllable ‘Edge’ to describe the curved sides of the smartphone. With the innovation of  ‘Infinity Display’, future Samsung devices will only be flagged with it. The display being the locus of attraction delivering the best tech visuals has been named quite aptly.

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