Samsung, Galaxy Book

Samsung’s MWC conference just took place and among other things, the company also launched the Galaxy Book. The portable yet powerful tablets run Windows 10 and are available in 10 and 12-inch variants. S Pen and Keyboard support serve to make them all the more useful for work as well as entertainment.

Okay, so let’s take the two tablets one by one, as there are a few differences between the two. First up is the 12-inch Galaxy Book that is powered by Intel’s latest Kaby Lake Core i5 processor. Couple it with the Keyboard that comes along, and the device would resemble a laptop. However, that appears to be a small compromise if its processing power you are looking for.

The 12-inch Galaxy Book  packs a 2,160 x 1,440 AMOLED display, that also supports HDR. Yes, the same HDR that is offered by Samsung support TVs. Simply find some HDR content, pop it in your Galaxy Book and enjoy a significantly improved viewing experience.

The device is available in 4 or 8 GB RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB SSD variants.

Coming to the 10-inch version of the Galaxy Book, it is pretty similar to its larger peer, however, the greater mobility comes at the cost of lesser power and features.

Samsung, Galaxy Book

For instance, the 10-inch Galaxy Book is powered by a core M processor instead of the Kaby Lake touted by the 12-inch.

Meanwhile, both the devices offer S-Pen support and are compatible with a wide range of Pen functions including outlining screen shots and annotating PDFs. Samsung has also introduced a brand new software called Flow, that allows you to share files between Samsung devices and use one remotely to control the other.

Both of the devices offer battery backup up to 10-hours and support Quick Charge. Meaning that you will be able to juice your tablet up quickly when you just have to run. Both versions of the Galaxy Book also offer you access to WiFi and LTE connectivity, ensuring that whether its work or play, you can remain on top of things.

The devices seemed to be aimed at the Surface Book’s niche of customers. However, it is not certain if they will be able to induce customers away from one of Microsoft’s most successful mobile products ever. A lot will also depend on the price and the difference between the two, could induce a customer to throw his lot in with either the Surface or Galaxy Book. However, we will have to wait for word from the company to know more about pricing and availability.

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