Shuttl, owned by Super Highway Labs Pvt. has today announced that it has collaborated with Google Maps to help users find reliable public transport. Under the association, Google Maps will display available Shuttl buses en route between two points searched in the app. Google Maps will further notify commuters about the bus schedule and estimated travel fare. The service will be offered on both iOS and Android platforms.

The bus aggregator partnered with the mapping giant so as to pioneer seat-based mass transit. Apart from this association, the bus aggregator has recently joined hands with a personal verification agency OnGrid in November. This agency offers Aadhaar-enabled verification for drivers connected to its platform. The company is on the path to solve major concerns common people face while travelling through public transport.

Speaking on company’s latest efforts, Amit Singh, Cofounder, Shuttl said,

Surfacing Shuttl rides on Google Maps is a big step towards integrated mobility, making it easier for commuters to plan their trips in real time across multiple modes of transport. This also helps Shuttl to reach a wider audience and serve the city better.

The platform presently serves users in Delhi and National Capital Region. Starting from today, the feature is live on Google Maps in the mentioned regions. Just like a user looks for an Ola or Uber on a route search, it will now have an option to commute via Shuttl bus. If a bus is not passing by the user’s route, Google Maps will guide the user to the nearest bus stop.

Google Maps has accommodated Shuttl under the public transport tab together with Delhi Metro & Rapid Metro. Learning from other aggregators present in the market, the company introduced Shuttl Rentals in December. The inter-city travel service presents various flexible packages for commuters to choose from.

The company is currently working on a sound-based boarding technology to reduce friction between commuters and the drivers. This technology, if implemented successfully, could open new avenues for the aggregator and make the whole travelling experience, even more fun and convenient.

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