Once a significant player in the browser business, Mozilla is now playing its cards right again. The organization is currently testing out a feature called ‘Snooze Tabs’. The latest experimental tabs allow you to bookmark them with timed clocks. These starred tabs reappear at the exact same time that bas been set by the user. The feature is still under development and has been released only under Mozilla’s Test Pilot for Firefox.

Mozilla’s Test Pilot for Firefox is the company’s one of the web builds that enables users to test out experimental features for the browser. For the company, it is just an additional source for collecting data and feedback about their newest features from more people.

The fresh snooze tabs will remind users about pages they saved long back ago. It generally happens that we wish to read or have a look at certain sites but forget about them once bookmarked. With an handy option of reminders, you’ll never delay coming back to such webpages.

You can snooze the tab for a time later that day, the next day, the weekend, next week or even the next month. You can also manually set the date, time and year for the window to reappear on the browser. All you need to do is click on the Snooze icon and then select a option suitable to your clock that appear in a pull-down menu. When the time will come, the tab will make its way to your browser with a snooze icon notifying you that the page is back.

Discussing the handy feature, Nick Nguyen wrote in Mozilla’s blog post,

We’ve all been in that situation where your friend sends you a link to an interesting and lengthy article, but you’re too busy at the moment to take the time to read it. Snooze Tabs helps reduce clutter on your screen and in your bookmarks so you can focus on what matters right now.

The feature is introduced with a Pulse. The pulse form is a kind of feedback form that provides Mozilla engineers required information like on which sites Snooze Tab works well in Firefox and which sites it doesn’t. You can rate a site’s performance with one through five stars by clicking on the pulse button in the bookmark bar.

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