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Up till now, media outlets have been careful not to show us the inner workings of the Nintendo Switch, its user interface and fluidity. So far, Nintendo has only revealed features such as the console’s main menu, its various touchscreen capabilities, a brief run through of some of the system’s hardware components in an overview video.

The Japan-based gaming giant has yet to officially provide a comprehensive idea about how its next gaming machine’s user interface will look, feel and operate. Sadly for Nintendo, an odd error on their distributor’s part led to a fresh video from a NeoGAF user known as hiphoptherobot.

The user posted a picture of the console’s homescreen which was, at the time, running on one of system’s controller touchscreens. The user claimed that there had been an accidental delivery of the Nintendo Switch unit two weeks ahead of its launch next month.

Not too long after the post on the popular gaming forum’s website, hiphoptherobot properly recorded the entire initial setup process for the system, as well as its main menu and settings, which can be found in the video below courtesy of Dystify’s YouTube channel.

Thanks to this video, fans of Nintendo Switch are now able to get a get a good look at the menu, which hosts a News page and Album for all your captured screenshots. It also includes eShop that seems to require a system update, controller and system options, as well as a singular button for Sleep Mode.

In addition to that, system settings for the Nintendo Switch seem to hold options for flight mode and also contains the hybrid system’s personal Mii creator. Also worth noting, there are two neat little light and dark interface themes available too.

As for how hiphoptherobot was able to come across the Nintendo Switch console this much earlier than any of the other folks (who have somehow managed to pre-order a system for themselves), the NeoGAF user mentioned it was nothing but pure luck. On the gaming forum’s website, they wrote,

It isn’t like I grabbed it off the back of a truck or anything. I just happened to get lucky because unnamed store decided to ship early for whatever reason.

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