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Self-driving is all the rage with every car vying for a piece of the pie. Well, it appears that the speed your car is capable of achieving isn’t a particularly big roadblock as long as your AI is sound, and Aston Martin could be getting down to business as well. While launching Aston Martin’s new hypercar AM-RB 001, CEO Dr. Andy Palmer said that the integration of AI into Aston Martin cars is more a question of when, rather than if.

Speaking at the Canadian International Auto Show, Dr. Palmer confirmed that his company will be working upon the integration of AI into its cars in the near future. The fact that Aston Martin will integrate artificial intelligence into its systems is actually pretty interesting. When you buy a supercar, there is the thrill of reaching massive speeds. The question now, is whether the thrill would remain if you were to give over control of the car to a computer that can do no wrong.

Well, judging by what the Aston Martin CEO said, it would. Aston Martin will remain in the luxury sport car market and would go for something like “driver assistance” as opposed to full autonomy.

full autonomy is unlikely to be a near-term goal for a luxury sports car manufacturer.

Instead, the company’s focus would be upon the development of products that will ensure that self-driving tech is able to help with features including advanced driver assistance and safety offerings. Down the road, the company will develop an autonomous Lagonda, however, Aston Martin wants to improve its security capabilities before it goes down that road.

Apart from tightening security, Aston Martin will also brush up things like connectivity. After all, what happens in a situation when the car loses Internet connectivity, or goes into a area where there is no 4G connection? The company wants to make sure that it has answered all these questions before it starts equipping its cars with self-driving systems.

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