Hewlett Packard, popularly known as HP, has today announced that it is making strides into the ecosystem reigned by Netflix and Amazon. The company is today launching the newly launched HP Studios with the premiere of an original web series production called ‘The Wolf’. It is the very first of a series of global initiatives that’ll be launched to raise awareness about cybersecurity risks.

The web series, called The Wolf, casts the famed Mr. Robot actor Christian Slater in the lead role. He is said to have been picked for this role because of his “ability to play a charmingly sinister hacker, combined with his popularity in the cybersecurity world”.

In the said series, he’ll be making noises aptly going with the title and displaying how corporate networks can be hacked and what all safety measures can be put in place to protect themselves. This four-part web series, which totals to just six minutes, will see Slater systematically hack into a corporate giant, gaining access to everything from the mailroom to the boardroom.

Talking about his participation in the web series, award-winning actor Christian Slater says,

Hacking is a serious and growing problem for businesses and consumers. When HP asked me to partner on this series, I thought it was a great opportunity to help educate the public about how to better protect against cyber attacks.

The message behind the said global initiative, a bloated term for a web series, will primarily be to showcase loopholes in security protocols of large corporations. But, it will heavily be focused on advertising how HP’s security solutions and services can help protect private data from being hacked. The said global initiative has been described by Antonio Lucio, HP Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, as under:

As the universe of connected devices grows exponentially, so does the sophistication and magnitude of cyber attacks. Securing devices, data and identities is an imperative in driving continued confidence in technology and with whom and with what we choose to connect

HP is leading from the front to continually make meaningful progress in securing the future of computing, and The Wolf is a creative way to raise awareness of this growing challenge for companies.

Additionally, The Wolf has been directed by BAFTA and Emmy nominee Lance Acord. It has been edited by Academy Award winner Kirk Baxter. HP Studios has made the web series available to everyone interested without any hidden charges. The company wants us all to know the drawbacks of a weak security system at the helm of our organisation. There is currently no word on future releases.


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