Amazon’s live-streaming platform Twitch, which is a favorite amongst gamers looking to showcase their talent to the world, has introduced a brand new dimension to its platform. The platform has added “Communities” to enable users to discover new content and reach the perfect audience for that of their own.

The feature is currently in an open beta test. Users can deploy it to find content associated with different genres including speedrunning, retro gaming, cosplaying, cooking and so on. The feature is expected to help users find their particular interest- or activity-based space on the Twitch platform. Each of these spaces would be home to other folks looking for the same sort of content and would also help publishers reach just the right audience.

Speaking on the topic, Sheila Raju, product marketing manager at Twitch said:

We’ve heard from our streamers and viewers that they want the freedom to form specific groups, organizing around topics such as speedrunning, esports, cosplay, and painting. With Communities, we are giving our users the power to create groups of their choosing, while providing creators with another tool to expand their audiences. If you have an interest that’s shared among others, Communities is where that collective can live.

Each of these communities is public and is listed in a “Community directory”.Streamers can then focus upon the community that according to them would be most interested in receiving their streams, and then try and get their broadcast start displaying on the community’s stream wall.

Users also receive access to a bunch of tools that can be used to manage and moderate the community spaces. Leaders can do stuff like appoint moderators and feature broadcasts. Another very interesting feature is the ability to see all the different channels currently broadcasting to a particular community. This way, a user who is interested in the same sort of content can flip through all available broadcasting channels and decide upon the most relevant one to him/her.

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