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Irrelevant of the fact whether you’ve got Apple Watch gen 1 or series 1 or 2, the undisputed fact remains that the devices offer a stellar selection of apps right on your wrist. Well, the icing on the cake is the fact that the latest beta version of Apple’s Watch OS 3.2 will support integration with voice assistant Siri  third party apps such as Multitimer and Carrot Weather.

The integration will also support other apps related to domains fitness, messaging and payments, workouts, calling and searching photos.

The software is currently under development phase. However, if implemented, it could tremendously boost the utility of the Apple Watch in the sense that users could order a cab or even perform basic tasks like a Google Search without using their phone.

With SiriKit support in watchOS 3.2, developers can add spoken commands to Apple Watch apps to let users ask the personal assistant on their wrist to perform the necessary tasks.

Another nifty little feature that the watchOS 3.2 will introduce is Theater Mode, which will probably be available on the Control Center. Activating this feature will mute all sound notifications and prevent the Watch’s display from switching on automatically every time one raises his wrist. Users still receive notifications (including haptics) while in Theater Mode, which they can view by tapping the screen or pressing the Digital Crown.

Apple yesterday released first betas of what would become the major iOS 10.3, tvOS 10.2 and macOS Sierra 10.12.4 software updates. As of now, the watchOS 3.2 is not available officially to developers.

In the voice assistant market, Siri faces formidable competition from the likes of Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa which recently received widespread adoption from hardware providers.

Siri integration into the Apple Watch will undoubtedly increase the overall user experience as well ass add to functionality to the wrist watch scene, which we feels is lacking at the moment. The demand for smartwatches itself will be fueled by innovations in functionality the product is offering to consumers.

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