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Google’s AR platform Tango to enhance museum scouting experience

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Google is taking a pioneering step to reenergise its optimistic augmented reality computing platform Tango, and in the process,it has allied with a number of museums round the globe. Detroit Institute of Arts is the first name in the list with many more to follow. Tango-enabled devices are to be offered to the visitors by Google, where the augmented reality would enhance  their scouting experience.

In 2016, Google partnered with Lenovo to produce Tango enabled smartphones, and the first of its kind, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro will be provided to the visitors at DIA. The device could be requested from the front  desk in order to explore more about the various available artefacts. The handset is capable of  view the mummified body by scanning the sarcophagus, picture out lost architectures such as the Babylonian Ishtar Gates, and well as repair the ancient and faded limestone reliefs back to life.

These features are an add-on to Tangos capabilities. Augmented reality has already been introduced to us by games like Pokemon Go, and this its more immersive take-on. The device is equipped with advanced sensors used to map depth and scale establishing digital overlay more prominently to 3-D surfaces.

It appears to be very charming and is sure to amplify the museum visiting experience. Though, it is could be good for the museums, the overall implementation of Tango is quite haphazard. The Augmented Reality capabilities of Lenovo Phab 2 Pro were analysed to be glitchy.

Moreover Asus Zenfone AR, announced at CES, is the only other handset which supports Tango.  However, the initiative with museums is commendable, but requires more concern. It is recommended that Google should put in more resources if it really wants to put wings to its augmented reality platform.

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