In a rather surprising turn of events, WikiLeaks Task Force has begun to mull over building a database of private information on Twitter’s verified users.

In its tweet to Vocativ’s Kevin Collier, WikiLeaks has made it clear that it would be willing to “develop a metric to understand influence networks based on proximity graphs” instead of thinking to dox verified twitter users.

Don’t blame yourself if the statement remains unclear to you because it actually is more of an ambiguous series of words. The organisation came into fame for its pioneering work in exposing the governments and is now serving us with such incoherent statements. Well, WikiLeaks Task Force might not have any harmful intent with the statement and we might have believed this fact as well, but recalling their previous records of defaming their potential threats, it could be taken otherwise.

Its unclear that whether the database wold be public or not, and the request for its answer has also not been provided by WikiLeaks. Recalling the goals of the organisation, which is to provide more and more information to public, its hard to imagine that they might be using it for any internal use.

However, Posting anyones private information is violation of Twitter’s policy and this is what WikiLeaks is intending to do.

Twittwer’s rule about private information states;

“Some examples of private and confidential information include:

  • credit card information
  • social security or other national identity numbers
  • addresses or locations that are considered and treated as private
  • non-public, personal phone numbers
  • non-public, personal email addresses
  • images or videos that are considered and treated as private under applicable laws
  • intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject’s consent

Keep in mind that even though you may consider certain information to be private, not all postings of such information may be a violation of this policy. We may consider the context and nature of the information posted, local privacy laws, and other case-specific facts when determining if this policy has been violated. For example, if information was previously posted or displayed elsewhere on the Internet prior to being put on Twitter, it may not be a violation of this policy.”

Even though, WikiLeaks Task Force account is a verified one, there is no information regarding their locations and family. Or maybe, it is willing to builda better CRM.

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