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You don’t have to worry about losing your Airpods anymore as Apple updated its support page with the pricing for the same. Ah, you guessed it right! Apple will now replace your lost or broken Airpods or the charging case at a charge of $69 only. Further, the users whose earbuds are facing battery issues out of the one year warranty period will be serviced at Apple retail stores for a price of $49.

Apple brought the concept of wireless buds with its latest iPhone 7 lineup. As soon as the Airpods were released after months of delay, people had concerns regarding handling these little devices. The update comes as an answer to all the queries and concerns generated by iOS users.

As reported earlier, you can get a new pair of these Airpods at a price of $159 which will connect to your iDevices via Apple’s new W1 chip. Apple has also started taking pre-orders for the same.

But for those of you unaware of the fact — let me tell you that both the earpods connect independently with your device, and you can still manage with a single pod in case you aren’t willing to spend $69. The music also stops automatically in case one of the pods falls out of earhole so it should be easy to pinpoint the loss of one of these in a crowded area. Moreover, Apple is one of the first companies offering a single earpod for replacement.

With replacability services being offered for Apple Airpods, they’ll certainly gain users alongside popularity.

These Airpods are Bluetooth enabled and provide 5 hours of music playback. These little buds can be used for music, voice communication, watching TV shows and movies and obviously interacting with Siri. These require iOS 10 or later version for functionality and latest watchOS and macOS Sierra for other iDevices.

Though there has been a slight delay but the news pacifies all provoking thoughts regarding the Airpods.

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