Vivaldi, the browser for power users is steadily gaining momentum and users since its official launch earlier this year. Thus, the company is now introducing surprising new features to its browser to stay relevant amid growing competition. This update lands just three weeks post the release of the previous major update, which added support for controlling Philips Hue smart lights.

The version 1.6 update is focused on the introduction of new Tab enhancements designed to hand over control of the browsing experience to users. The new Tab features including Tab Notifications, Named Tab stacks and Tab Selection by domain will enable users to seamlessly maintain their workflow.

Starting off with Tab Notifications, Vivaldi is yet again being crowned for being the first to add such a feature directly to the browser. While users previously had to rely on extensions (or add-ons) to add such functionalities to their browsers but Vivaldi aims to up the ante and make all such features available natively to its users.


The notification system, available in both regular and pinned tabs, enables users to know when new content has surfaced on any website. This feature will work exceptionally well for news, messaging, and social media websites where Vivaldi starts displaying and highlight the count for the same as an overlay in tabs.

Commenting on the addition of this feature, Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi (former Opera CEO), says,

Details matter. Users matter. They are the key to a successful product. While we work on bigger features, our focus on the detail does not stop. The Vivaldi browser is heading to be more interactive and intuitive. It’s about creativity, customisation, and freedom.

Tabs being the most fundamental component of the browser, the company is topping off its previously introduced tab grouping feature with the capability of assigning any given name to the same. Users can now navigate to tab settings and rename a tab stack to better represent the cluster of open windows by providing them a singular name. The name can be changed (or removed) simply by right-clicking the group and will be displayed atop each tab present in that group.v-2


In addition, Vivaldi is also adding the ability to select multiple tabs at once — but under the same domain name. Users can now hold down the Ctrl (or ⌘ on macOS) and double-click on the tabs they wish to select and cluster them to make the tabbing neat and clutter free. This not only enables you to easily stack tabs but also bookmark multiple ones or move them to a new window at the same instant. Thus, making it effortless to manage the browser and your workflow to be more productive. You can download Vivaldi 1.6 today from

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